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The federal budget will be delivered in a week’s time, you’re completing tax returns and Prime Minister Trudeau just received a prize for his global leadership in energy and environement from CERAWeek. This is the perfect time to tell the government to spend your hard-earned money better. Sign the petition to end fossil fuel subsidies!
Actualité - 15 mars 2017 - Tag : Choix collectifs, fossil fuels, Petition, subsidies
Article published in Policy Options on February 28, 2017. A text by Erin Flanagan, Pembina Institute and Philip Gass, International Institute for Sustainable Development
Actualité - 8 mars 2017 - Tag : Carbon tax, Choix collectifs, Coal, Ontario, Smog
We’re often telling kids to go play outside. But fortunately, this is something we can all do! Young or old, being in nature recharges your batteries. Studies have confirmed that human beings need contact with nature. It makes us feel safe and calm, is essential to emotional development and improves mental health and concentration. Some even say that the city feeds your...
Actualité - 1 mars 2017 - Tag : Action of the month, Choix collectifs, Responsible consumption
Special collaboration of Brenda Plant, cofounder of, an independent platform of information and analysis on responsible investment. Are you frustrated by investment advisers who don’t know much about responsible investment options and who don’t seem to care about helping you on this? And when you try to do your own research, nothing (relevant) comes...
Actualité - 15 février 2017 - Tag : Choix collectifs, Responsible choices, Responsible investment