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14 September 2016
TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project has been the subject of much discussion in recent weeks. To help you better understand the situation, we’ve put together an overview of the key actions we’ve taken to stop this controversial project.
Actu - Saga Énergie Est
14 September 2016
Renewable energies are booming! Come to our benefit cocktail events in Quebec City and Montreal, and find out how Quebec and Canada have become leaders in clean energy. Learn more about our energy potential, the positive impact of green energy on employment, the environment and the economy, as well...
Actu - cocktail bénéfice_renouvelables EN
14 September 2016
The family farmer organic basket 20th anniversary celebrations are still in full swing with delicious new recipes from celebrities! Fanny Bloom, Christian Bégin, Jérôme Ferrer and Chantal Fontaine are the latest celebrities to take part in our summer recipe challenge. Make the most of the remaining...
31 August 2016
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of family farmer organic baskets and in response to the increasing demand for local organic produce, Équiterre is organizing the conference Des idées à récolter - Succès et innovation en agriculture de proximité [Ideas to Harvest - Success and Innovations in...
Actu - Colloque Des idées à récolter
31 August 2016
Mission accomplished! Citizens and organizations from across Canada, including Équiterre, helped set up 100 town halls as part of the People’s Climate Plan, a civil society initiative to organize as many consultations as possible across the country. Encouraged by Minister of Environment and...
Actu - Plan climat
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