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Does your school or daycare serve local food? Spread the good news!

Actu_Local products (english)

Does your school or daycare offer educational activities involving healthy local food? Have the children put a garden in the schoolyard? Is there a composting project? Does a local farmer deliver fruits and vegetables? Support and draw attention to these initiatives promoting local food by putting your school or daycare on a national food activity map.

Similar projects are already in place across the country and new ones are being developed at an impressive rate. But they are sometimes in need of support and too often overlooked. To highlight the magnitude of the movement, Équiterre is working with the Farm to Cafeteria Canada network to identify preschools (CPEs and daycares), schools, universities and after-school projects that are running these kinds of activities.

Is your school or daycare one of them? Put your school on the map and join the national Changing the Menu movement!